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Congratulations to the 2024 IEWC Scholarship Winners

IEWC Scholarships


The Island Estates Women’s Club is very proud of their commitment to the community and education. Every year since 1997, the IEWC has awarded college scholarships to deserving local high school girls. The club established a charitable trust for this purpose in 2012. In 2013, The Rita O’Neil Memorial Scholarship Fund, in association with the IEWC Scholarship Foundation, was created within the charitable trust to honor the memory of member Rita O’Neil.  In 2016, the Marie Wadsworth Memorial Scholarship Fund, in association with the IEWC Scholarship Found, was created to honor the memory of club member and President Marie Wadsworth.  The I.E.W.C. is proud to continue to support education and local students in their college studies. To date the IEWC has distributed 120 Scholarships!

In December of each year Scholarship applications will be available to young ladies graduating from Clearwater High School. Applications are due back by mid-March of that year. The application packages will be sent to Clearwater High School Guidance Counselors, Clothes To Kids, posted on this IEWC website and available by contacting the IEWC Chairperson Mrs. Lisa Oliver at 314-651-1015.

Each applicant must complete the entire application which consists of community service, awards, need, essays, current transcripts and two recommendations.

MDA Donor Scholarship  Recipients

2019 - Giselle Gonzalez- Clearwater High School

            Riley Melvin

            Tillie Palmer

            Kiara Reckenwald

            Madison Saul

2020 - Danieliz Espada

              Mariya Lepou

2021 - Jordon Clark

               Dasua Crump

               Alicia Galvan-Cruz

               Ashly Sajeev

2022 - Samantha Bosetti

              Jocelyn Rivera-Prado

              Yarelli Franco-Cruz

2023 - Bilu Bianci

              Annika Santiago

2024 - Brooke Hayward

               Carolina Ballon

              Nicole Ignacio


2021 IEWC Charitable Trust Scholarshps

Milena Kullaj

Lauren Lopez


2022 IEWC Charitable Trust Scholarships

Iyanna George

Isabelita Sekulovic

2023 IEWC Charitable Trust Scholarships

Gibson Jones

Katelyn Spence

Kayla Burnett

Laina Kelly

Mahdiya Kahn

Rexhina Dija

2024 IEWC Charitable Trust Scholarships

Kylie Chalmers

Olivia Jagodzinski

Terri Anne D'Aristotile

Rita O'Neil Memorial Scholarship  Recipients

2014 - Shekayla Yelldon

2015 - Carly Manthel

2016 - Haley O'Meara

2017 -Desirae Marie Vanhorn

2018 - Hannah Jenkins

2019 - Elena Shaw 

2020 - Courtney Fornshell 

2021 - Emily Pursley 

2022 - Kelsey Cooper 

2023 - Bailey Ganey

2024 - Samiyah Hadi

Maria Wadsworth Memorial Scholarship  Recipients

2016 - Savannah Jean Howard

2017 -Hailey A. Woolridge

2018 - Maddison Ouimette

2019 - Lindsay Belcher 

2020 - Destiny Turner

2021 - Alexa Nicolas-Lara

2022 - Lauren Fornshell

2023 - Miranda Hole

2024 - Sarah Holt

Wix Pic Scholarship IEWC Winners up to 2024.JPG

If you would like to remember someone in a special way while helping to build our scholarship fund, you may make a donation by contacting our Treasurer.

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